Health & Safety is important to us

The IS Group is committed to understanding, communicating, implementing and improving our health and safety strategies throughout the group.

In accordance with our Occupational Health and Safety Management System, we aim to ensure the health and safety of our employees, third parties and associates who may be affected by our work activities.

Nominated responsibilities, assigned duties and provisions are in place throughout the company to:

  • comply with all legal and other applicable requirements
  • enable the prevention of injury and ill health
  • identify significant hazards and plan for their elimination, reduction and control
  • ensure that relevant health and safety resources and guidance is made available
  • review and monitor our health and safety objectives to help maintain our excellent record
  • continually improve our occupational health and safety management and performance

Our Senior Management Team and Director Responsible for Safety lead by example to support a positive health and safety culture. Throughout the group, employees are provided with the knowledge they need to meet their individual and collective responsibilities for the safety of themselves and others.

Our full Health and Safety Policy is available on request to interested parties.