• Interflora Services PLC was created in a small unit in Peterborough, with 444 shareholders

    Interflora Services

  • In-house design team was formed

  • Moved to a much larger office & warehouse unit

  • Achieved a turnover of £2.9 Million

  • Interflora Services PLC changed its name to The I.S. Group PLC


    Logo design updated

  • First website launched

  • Logo design updated

  • Warehouse extension was built doubling warehouse space

  • New warehouse officially opened

  • Logo design updated


    Acquired a majority shareholding of Happy Box London, a company originally formed in 2005

  • The I.S. Group PLC changed its name to The I.S. Group Ltd

    Additional company formed called Suki Gifts International Ltd

  • Attained a new warehouse for Suki Gifts International Ltd

  • Additional company formed called I.S. Sundries Ltd

    The I.S. Group Ltd became the holding group name with Happy Box London, Suki Gifts International Ltd & I.S. Sundries Ltd beneath it

    Group logo design updated

  • Suki Gifts International Ltd launched a full ecommerce website

  • Group acquired a secure staff car park bringing its total grounds held, to 7.5 acres

  • The I.S. Group Ltd changed name to The IS Group

    Group logo design updated

  • Total of 260 shareholders

    Employ 44 members of staff